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WebXpress TMS

For those who value control over their business,
here is a solution that is big on value.


What is WebXpress TMS?

WebXpress TMS is a mobile enabled, web-based tool that helps customers gain real time visibility across their booking and delivery offices. It helps to manage all the activities from booking, transshipment, delivery, POD, tracking, billing to customer and vendor and financial control over branches and can be integrated with ERP to provide a seamless solution.


Growth in business is achieved by stability and strategy.

Stability comes from Control and TMS is that Control.

Now you have the right tools to complement your strategy:

➲ Operational Control

➲ Quality Control

➲ Payment Control

➲ Revenue Control

➲ Auditing

➲ Budgeting

Whatever you need, we have you covered.

WebXpress TMS manages a number of things for you. These are just a few.

  • POD
    Work Flow Driven
  • Order
    Integrated & Online
  • Contracts
    Uniform & Secure
  • Prospect
    Auto Posting
  • Payment
    Auto Alerts
  • POD

Process Flow

The most effective things are those that work together. From your operations to finance, everything in WebXpress TMS functions seemlessly.
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Feature Set

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Isn't life simple if you get everything under one roof? WebXpress TMS integrates industry leading features into one robust system. This empowers you with ultimate visibility into your Supply Chain

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Webxpress TMS Customers Speak

Sarco has been using WebXpress TMS as its Enterprise System since 2007. When Sarco's business requirement increased beyond a standard system, it found a suitable match with WebXpress owing to its online architecture that allowed for location flexibility needed.
Bhavna Roadways is a transporter that has decades of experience with a modern outlook that is provided by WebXpress. They naturally trusted the forward facing technology of WebXpress. It is one of the most trusted names in Western India because of its processes. Technology by WebXpress has of course had a role to play on the way.

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