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WebXpress TMS

Bringing transparency in transactions

Easy-to-use accounting solution that eliminates the time and complexity


What is WebXpress FAS?

WebXpress FAS is a web based tool to help customer gain real-time understanding of your entire revenue cycle. Deeply integrated with the WebXpress Suite it is capable of delivering all your financial documentation from P&L, Trial Balance, Balance Sheet and much more.


FAS helps to manage all the activities from COA to categories, account groups, ledgers. It provides highly accurate documents such as: Cash & Bank Balance, General Ledgers, Trial Balance, P&L Statements, and even Balance Sheets.

➲ Income Booking

➲ Expense Booking

➲ Fixed assets Management

➲ Taxation & Regularity

➲ Reconciliation

Whatever you need, we have you covered.

WebXpress FAS manages a number of things for you. These are just a few.

  • POD
    Work Flow Driven
  • Order
    Integrated & Online
  • Contracts
    Uniform & Secure
  • Prospect
    Auto Posting
  • Payment
    Auto Alerts
  • POD

Feature Set

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Isn't life simple if you get everything under one roof? WebXpress FAS integrates industry leading features into one robust system. This empowers you with ultimate visibility into your Supply Chain

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Webxpress FAS Customers Speak

WebXpress has helped FSC with Cash Flow and Accounts Management. When it comes to Petty Cash management, WebXpress provides the ability to multiple users and branches, hence collaborating work. After an experience of a plethora of systems FSC feels that WebXpress is the simplest for its ground staff. They do not need any special training in finance to get going.
In order to excel in logistics industry, Vega Logistics has to reduce its Operations Cost. WebXpress FAS provides Vega with this ability. Another area provided by WebXpress is Real-time Visibility towards all expenses and incomes. For areas such as Fund-flow and Working Capital management, WebXpress FAS has proved to be a very useful tool.