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Features that fulfil...

Here is a concise checklist of what WebXpress TMS is capable of




Booking Operations Multi-mode transport - Air, Road, Rail If you choose to expand your horizons, this one TMS will still support you

Option to add Walk-in Customers for Paid and To-Pay bookings

You have proper documentations of even one-off customers 

POD Movement Full support for POD via Digital signatures You are always efficient as you never face conflicts or loss of documents

Mobile TMS A range of desktop class features in the palm of your hands You can now work round the clock. If not at office, then anywhere

Finance & Accounting Integration Balance sheet-level Accounting You do not need any financial system. WebXpress TMS becomes the only system you need to use
  Support for Customer and Vendor Contracts There are no leakages since every activity has well defined rules and regulations
  Support for Stakeholder Payments You need only one system to release payments since all your data is part of WebXpress TMS

Business Policy Control Deep level of System-wide Validations
You don't need an auditor or a person monitoring your employees since WebXpress TMS catches all mistakes before they happen

  Customized User Rights Controls Potentially every employee can use WebXpress TMS and it only shows them what they need to know

Special Ad-ons
Only System with Support for Octroi Management
Every unit of money is accounted, including special taxes

  Auto Email / SMS for all Stakeholders
Internal and external customer delight as they are always up-to-date

Exceptions Facility to amend transactions due to wrong data entry, operational issues, etc.
You can pass any audit because now you are always accurate both inwards and outwards