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Features that fulfil...

Here is a concise checklist of what WebXpress FAS is capable of




Finance Masters   Employee You can get details of each employee, their status in the company- permanent,temporary, trainee,etc


You can get details about vendor, their type, where they operate from, to segregate work done be each of them


You can get details of the customer, locations where they operate. Also you can classify customers under different categories and can map business type & customer group to avoid revenue leakage 

Advance PO

PO based auto billing for Services 

Accounts Balance Sheet Setup It handles setup of financial accounts - Setting of location wise, customer wise, employee wise, vendor wise opening balances,Transfer of closing balance of individual sub-ledgers, transfer balance including Profit & loss account by single click

Rules Management You can define auto-posting rules for various transactions - Automatic entry into income ledger on docket billing,Automatic entry into receivable ledgers,Automatic entry into expense ledger on THC bill entry, and many more

Accounting Process You can manage day to day financial accounts

Income Management Freight Billing You can do Invoice generation,Third party billing,Vendor wise sub-ledger wise liability booking,Business Type wise billing,Auto-posting of invoices against customer ledger and many more.

Money Receipts Partial collection, on account collection possible

Credit Note You can manage day to day financial accounts

Vendor Management     Contract Management You do handle various types of contracts against services offered by Attached vendor as well as Business associate

Vendor Payment Payment transactions for vendor - route vendor, local vendor, Business Associate etc.

Series Control DCR Managemnet You can define docket number structure for various business types, capture book numbers, number of pages in a book any many more

Exception Management   Facility to amend transactions due to wrong data entry, operational issues etc.