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Here is a concise checklist of what WebXpress FMS is capable of




Fleet Operations Trip Generation FMS takes your manual data putting in one centrally accessible digital format, while keeping the whole process intuitive
  Trip Update FMS allows last minute changes because the logistics industry is as dynamic as any industry can get
  Trip Closure With FMS, you get peace of mind because it makes you confirm money related data multiple times without the chance to skip doing so
  Driver Settlement Get to manage you cash with ease when you have many drivers to account for
  Vehicle Transfer Transferring an assets doesn't make you lose out on its existing data; FMS knows who you talk about even if its name/number changes

Fuel Management  Fuel Slip Module - Fuel Card If you are worried about enroute theft or other losses due to excess cash in the hands of the driver, FMS removes those worries
  Fuel Slip Module - Cash Owing someone or adjustments are exceptional conditions that FMS lets you handle on a daily basis
Fuel Requisition Cycle 
On the matters of analysis of your fuel consumption and efficiency, FMS allows you to work with a large variety of data
  Diesel Carry Forwarding

Fleet Maintenance Job Order Cycle As a manager, FMS gives you the ability to assess all kinds of costs however small it is
  Job Order Hierarchy based Approval Sometimes small costs mount up to become big. Also, small costs is a big opportunity to have frauds - with FMS, not any more
   Job Order Closure with Finance With FMS, you get the chance to track all costs and keep all records digitally available

 Tyre Management Tyre Management With the FMS Tyre Management module you can do more business and get more profit. This is because in your business you need all the help to ensure the good health of your most important asset - your fleet. The more they run, the more your company earns. Also, Tyre Management module give you ease of work by helping you convert your manual process into a system monitored effort.
  Mount / Dismount
  Rotate Tyre
  Remould Tyre
  Tread Depth Management
  Tyre Warranty



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