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Phase-wise changes as per GST guidelines in our Logistics Software Solutions

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We have recently rolled out Phase 2 of GST-related changes in our software with respect to C-Note, Billing and Reports.

To point out few, here we go:

  • GSTR-1 Upload offline utility from WebXpress System
  • GST-wise PO module
  • Registered and Unregistered Customer & Vendor Billing and Payment
  • Added 700 SAC code in our system for billing module
  • Covered GST Exempted/Nil rated GST billing
  • GST-wise Vendor Bill Entry module for General and Freight Billing
  • Customer GST Invoice Register Report
  • Vendor GST Invoice Register Report

Earlier in Phase 1, we completed the following as per GST guidelines:

  • Capturing state wise GSTIN information of Customer and Vendor
  • Capturing company wise (transporter) information for GST
  • Mapping of SAC code with services
  • Docket Entry modified to capture the GSTIN information and calculation as per services offered
  • GST based Customer Billing for Freight and Supplementary bills based on Bill Generation and Submission Location