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Features that fulfil...

Here is a concise checklist of what WebXpress LogiKart is capable of




Order Integration and Booking    Order Upload Mapping Utility Easy upload for users once mapping is done

2 way Authentication of Web services

Zero human intervention with complete accuracy and security

Docket Categorization

Quick identification for operations to understand order is prepaid or COD


Covers First Mile Delivery to Last Mile Delivery Operations

Scan Based Operations 

Quick Processing and ease of Operations for the user

Routing and Transhipment      Connection Routing Proper Routing of order to avoid any misroute

Positive Bagging Helps control cost and makes transhipment easy

DEPS integrated and Mis Route Management  No need for separate module , all integrated with current process only. Various reports to identify 

Last Mile Delivery Auto Size Formating for all View Prints Reduction in cost and being environment friendly

Delivery Zone Mapping Routes can be made in advance so that routing can be done at master level instead of the user deciding every time 

Control Tower to Track Biker Activity Better management and control of Bikers ; with live update in application also 

Reverse and RTO Multi Method for Return to Origin
For Rejected items return can be done via both methods - same docket no. or new docket no. and internally managing the tracking and contracts for that docket

  Reverse and Exchange Pick Ups Handle reverse business in detail from Request ID driven Pick Up run sheet to Docket creation at time of Pick Up Run Sheet update with multiple Cases considered like Preferred Pick Up date and Slot, Short Pick, Excess Pick and Cancelled Pick 

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