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Warehousing business

WebXpress WMS provides the bird’s eye view to the customer and make the whole cycle of inbound and outbound operations more transparent and quicker.

  • Challenges

    • No centralized control
    • Multiple contracts management
    • Lack of visibility of inventory
    • Difficulty in locating items in warehouse
    • Stock discrepancies
    • Customer & Vendor Returns management
    • No check on Cycle Counts and Stock Transfer
    • No clarity on damaged, excess, shortage while receiving goods
    • Handling scan based operations

  • WebXpress offerings

    • Inventories for multiple customers at multiple warehouse facilities at multiple locations with multiple users can be handled
    • User can define locations hierarchy-wise and define the bins, racks, and levels as per the convenience
    • Based on the hierarchy and the FIFO/LIFO logic defined, system suggests the pick or put away as per the required case.
    • System can handle EDI and integrate with multiple service providers, ERP systems, mobile devices, ecommerce sites and more
    • The inventory dashboards were integrated with an in-house portal. With this integration, the inward and outward flow of inventory is displayed in the form of dashboards for better visibility.
    • The multiple contracts with multiple suppliers are captured in system which gets invoked automatically at the time of booking
    • Practically any portable device can be integrated

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