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Underlying Ties in Art and Technology

on Thursday, 25 February 2016. Posted in Logistics Blogs

Underlying Ties in Art and Technology

Art is a beautiful imagination and expression of one’s feelings and thoughts. It doesn’t restrict itself to paintings,dancing or sculpture creation. There is a lot more to it. Every technology that subtlety merges into daily life is no short of being an art itself. One such art is of the logistician who creatively fit elements together in a small box of carton and brings things to ease in the modern era of technology.

Let us go back to our school days, where the art teacher would show us a simple magic of a multi-coloured chalk to make something amazingly beautiful out of it. Every line drawn was an imagination, slowly transforming itself into a beautiful master piece.

Just like an artist needs a right tool to create a perfect picture, a logistician needs a right ERP to simplify the business complexities, making lean operations a part of their daily lives.

An artist has an endless motivation to put all his emotions and thoughts into a canvas, a logistician constantly endeavours to use technology to bring down the cost of resources to maximise the profit.

While an artist pens down his emotions, a technologist will always find ways to challenge themselves by making things easy and convenient using various equipment. Let’s take mobility as a concept in logistics. A noteworthy observation is how the same technology, if used differently, can redefine and streamline the processes of such a disorganized industry.

WebXpress dedicates itself as a full-fledged ERP solution enterprise, helping logistics industry connect with technology.

No matter how art and technology has evolved, one thing remains constant that they both tell us a story.

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