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Top 4 Challenges In Managing Your Sales Force

on Tuesday, 28 February 2017. Posted in Logistics Blogs

Top 4 Challenges In Managing Your Sales Force

Sales is critical to any organization as it plays an important part of revenue generator. It becomes necessary on the part of sales manager to track sales target of every sales representative. Though good manager requires effective management skills to bring the best out of a sales person he also has to bear the following challenges:

Visibility of the field executive activities
According to CSO insights, 41% of sales person’s time goes in prospecting and meetings. When your sales team is on the field, it is difficult to track where and what they are doing. A sales manager should maintain reports and share actionable insight of sales performance with all his team members.

Not having a lead repository
As per statistics gathered by Hubspot around 71% time of a sales person goes on generation of leads and data entry. Most of the data is lost due to attrition of the sales representative. Some of those potential leads can be valuable to an organization and losing such quality data base would act as one of the leakages in the sales pipeline. All organization should have details of suspect and prospect saved in a central repository.

Not having a planned schedule
Not many sales team (Junior level) maintain a calendar of meetings. Because of which there is a possibility of clashes in meeting scheduled. Sales manager should encourage their sales representatives to maintain activity calendar. Another benefit to maintaining a scheduled calendar is that an organization looks professional.

Not believing in technology
Mapping sales team to a third-party system becomes an issue for an organization. This leads to disorder in the flow of information, content, schedules and important data entries.

As sales revenues are affected due to the stated issues, it becomes necessary for organization to know the importance of technology. For example, a mobile solution which manages schedules, enables live tracking and shows performance of each sales representative. For an organization, most of their problems get resolved having a right software in place.

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