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Internet of Things - A Giant Network of Connections

on Friday, 11 March 2016. Posted in Logistics Blogs

Internet of Things - A Giant Network of Connections

How many objects do you have that are connected to the Internet? More than you think you know! About a decade ago, you might have said one or two – and that too if you were an early adopter. Today, we live in a world that is blanketed with sensors without us even realizing it. These sensors are constantly collecting data of our every activity. And it has great applications in everyday life; for example, when you step into the room the lights and air conditioner turns on automatically.

It was always believed that only humans can response to any sort of communication, with invent of IOT this belief is being proved wrong, as it allows us to have interactions with objects and objects reverting back.

By 2020, we would be surrounded by 50 billion objects connected to the Internet, that means every individual by then will be connected to at least 6-7 objects. All this data collected by sensors can do wonders for any company which has the right system.

With the invent of IOT, we are beginning to see a glimpse of logistics Internet, where companies are getting instant updates of the trucks location through embeded sensors, allowing them to make arrangements for stocking the load, leading to less wastage of time. Cold chain logistics, where keeping upto the required temperature is a must & IOT have revolutionized it. Sensors constantly sends in the alerts to the system for temperature check.

Logistics companies on one hand have invested a substantial amount in using the Internet of Things and on the other hand have curtailed the costs related to its physical server maintenance by using Cloud technology, that have enabled them to get an edge over in the competitive corporate world.

With Internet Of Things & Cloud technology, the concept of the ‘mobility of things’ has been made possible, for instance at warehouse the labour scans the items with handheld technology and the data gets updated on the system automatically, the manager at head quaters can track the inventory level from anywhere. It will not be incorrect to say, with mobility of things the life of top level management has become simpler as they can access any report from anywhere at any time.

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