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LogiCloud Looming Loud for Logistics Industry

on Wednesday, 14 September 2016. Posted in Logistics Blogs

LogiCloud Looming Loud for Logistics Industry

A typical company has millions of shipments in a year, thousands of locations to reach, and a couple of dozen logistics partners to work with. Amid such chaos, to gain a detailed visibility of individual shipments becomes very difficult.

That’s where LogiCloud as a platform becomes a dire solution for any shipper, be it manufacturer, retailer, distributor, who necessarily requires 360-degree visibility across their shipments all under one roof.

LogiCloud is a commodious universal platform with multiple stakeholder consideration which helps in providing a holistic view of the supply chain. It helps shippers and 3PL companies to predict deliveries of shipments, thus giving a single window of visibility.

LogiCloud flawlessly aggregates streams from multiple logistics service providers, GPS devices and mobile applications and helps in tackling the gaps prevailing in logistics sector by democratizing in three phases:
#1: VISIBILITY- What is where
#2: PREDICTIVE- what will happen
#3: PRESCRIPTIVE- what to do

Distinguished Features:

• Universal Shipment Tracker
• Instant Proof of Deliveries
• Vendor Neutral GPS and Support for IoT
• Ready to deploy Cloud-based platform to connect enterprise to service providers
• Mobile and SMS based last mile application for unorganized logistics companies

With esteemed names under its belt, currently on board with the deployment of the solution delivering a unique competitive advantage, LogiCloud stands out as technological innovation step forward into the IoT and cloud based solution providing palpable solution in logistics and supply chain management ready to bite off a piece or rather huge chunk of the market while molding astutely as a pioneering solution.

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