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Top 5 harsh realities of corporate absenteeism

on Monday, 20 March 2017. Posted in Logistics Blogs

Top 5 harsh realities of corporate absenteeism

In today’s scenario lack of productivity caused due to absenteeism and improper use of time is shaping up to be one of the major hurdles for business growth. This situation gets escalated with improper attendance management. Now let us have a look at the kinds of problems faced by the organization due to lack of proper attendance management and absenteeism.

#1 Decreased Productivity
If workforce is not reporting as scheduled, this directly impacts the overall productivity of the organization. The projects get delayed and the worst case is losing a project due to lack of attendance of employees.

#2 Milking the clock
Employees staying on the clock but stealing time, often resulting in financial circumstances. Delayed projects may lead to late payments. For a small or mid-size company, this could mean shortage of funds to give salaries even to the employees who have good attendance record at work which can be demotivating and may also lead to negative work environment.

#3 Administrative scope
Low productivity and poor financial conditions will automatically degrade the other administrative tasks in the organization.

#4 Time theft by employees
When an employee accepts pay from their employer for work that they have not actually done, or for the time they have not actually put into their work. Since the employee is not actually doing the necessary amount of work during their shift it is considered as a theft of time from the company.

#5 End-time exaggeration
When an employee exaggerates the end time of the meeting or field visits it leads to under-utilization of the time allocated to them by the organization due to which productivity takes a dip.

If your organization is facing some or all of these issues there is no need to panic, it can all be handled with a good attendance management app.

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