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WebXpress at a Glance

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    WebXpress TMS is Web-based Software solution specially designed to be a powerful tool to manage your Operations and Finance.

    It manages LR/Docket creation, Manifest, Trans-shipment, Delivery and POD management.

    It provides online Track and Trace capabilities and integrates GPS.

    It has a built in Finance & Accounts module to manage contracts, invoicing and vendor payment.

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    WebXpress FMS is Web-based Software solution specially designed for managing your fleet operations and maintenance.

    It helps manage all fleet requests to Trip-sheets, Advances, Expense, and Driver Settlement.

    It can be integrated with GPS to provide real-time location of your fleet.

    It is integrated with Financial & Accounts to offer complete control on expenses.

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    WebXpress WMS manages all warehouse operations such as ASN, GRN, Inspection, Put-way, Pick and Dispatch.

    WebXpress WMS can also generate invoice and be integrated with Financial & Accounts.

    It has a range of integration with Hand Held Devices and Mobile Devices.

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    WebXpress LogiKart (E-commerce Logistics Solution) is the answer to the Next Generation of Logistics.

    It has everything including Order Integration and Booking, Routing and Transhipment.

    Full support for Reverse and Return-To-Origin.

    It is integrated with a number of Mobility options to aid in the real-world operations.

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    Mobility Solutions are a set of apps bringing the power of WebXpress to mobiles

    They provide a rich experience in the palm of your hands

    The aim of these apps is to reduce turn-around-time by completing tasks on-the-go

    WebXpress Mobility Suite comes with a host of plug-and-play applications, customisation are possible

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