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Features that fulfil...

Here is a concise checklist of what WebXpress WMS is capable of




 Inbound Process Separate GRN and Vehicle Arrival date/time WMS considers the real world delays - it follows your rules and doesn’t ask you to adjust
  DEPS - Damage, Excess, Pilferage, Shortage Have much more details in hand than simply a difference in quantity notification flag
  One-Step movement flow Flexibility in processes - goods can simply pass through your warehouse without stoppage
  Storage-Intelligence Eliminates human errors - increases speed of operations

 Outbound Process Generation of Intelligent Pick Ticket Ability to map WMS to the exact way your company conducts operations
  Pick Location guidance Get better speed - WMS guides you to the exact location, which become very helpful in big warehouses
  Inbuilt Delivery Tracker Ability to give your customers and partners an extra but much desired service
  Transporter friendly Dispatch process Eliminates the need for any other system to complete your operational cycle

 Stock Transfer

Warehouse to warehouse transfer

Accounts for routine as well as emergency situations

Within warehouse Location transfer

 Cycle Count Count Auditing Never face a situation of delay due to improper sorting or unknown location of particular goods
  Count Finalizing and Blocking Operate under error-free conditions


Registry Related Reports

Management will get all operational data to take decisions on factors like productivity
  Stock Summary Related Reports Management will get all the data they need to understand several factors such as efficiency of capacity utilization
  MIS Related Reports Management will always stay up-to-date on day-to-day matters

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