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Issue #228

30 Jul - 03 Aug 2019


Inland Waterways: game-changer for the North-Eastern states

The Ministry of Shipping, after the other National Waterway Projects, is now keen to start the inland waterways navigation and passenger transportation in the rivers of the North-Eastern states of the country. The project is said to bring easy movement in the region. Despite the cost efficiency and other benefits, the use of Indian inland waterways is only 0.1% while in the United States it is 21%.

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Rivigo receives US Patent for unique driver relay model

Rivigo becomes the first Indian company to get a US patent for a differentiated technology that boosts performance and productivity for the logistics industry. The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has granted patent rights to Rivigo, a tech logistics startup, for its unique driver relay model. The driver relay model that uses algorithms to determine the availability of drivers for trucks enables drivers to return home every day.

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Essar Port’s 50 MTPA Hazira Terminal grows 22% in Q1FY20

Essar Bulk Terminal Ltd (EBTL) has registered a growth of 22 percent growth in its third-party business in the quarter ending June 30, 2019. The company achieved an overall cargo throughput of 7 MT (million tonnes) in Q1 FY2019-20, of which 1.1 MT was third-party cargo. The share of third-party cargo in overall cargo volumes also rose to 15.7 percent, informed a company statement.

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Air India Cargo adopts Unisys Digistics for better integration

National airline Air India has adopted Unisys Digistics™ integrated logistics software suite to create a connected and automated cargo ecosystem for consistent and accurate data across the organisation. While Air India has been using Unisys technology for approximately 30 years, the new system will leverage advanced analytics for booking, accounting, to help improve cash flow for the airline while creating greater transparency around shipment status for the airline's cargo clients.

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