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Issue #255

15 Feb - 21 Feb 2020


The Rivigo way to make trucking sexy in India

The problems relay trucking could solve is what drove us. Truck drivers lead a life of misery in India, away from their families for days altogether. Parents were unwilling to marry their daughters off to truck drivers. They were almost an outcast. We would go to dhabas, outside warehouses, wherever we could meet and speak to them and understand. The more we spoke, the more we realised what a profound thing we were getting into. It was not just (a business model of) trucks-on-demand, it was fundamentally changing the profession itself.

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Tiger Logistics registers 56% profit decline in Apr-Dec 2019

The freight solutions company, Tiger Logistics India, registered 56 percent decline in profits to Rs 204.82 lakh during the nine months of April - December in 2019 from Rs 473.43 lakh in the same period of 2018. Meanwhile, the BSE listed company also saw a profit of Rs 79.37 lakh in the quarter ended in December 2019 compare to Rs 31.90 lakh for the same period in 2018 (an increase by 148 percent) and Rs 49.67 lakh for the September quarter in 2019 (an increase by 59 percent).

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COGOS Breaks Through India’s Logistics Fog With A SaaS-Meets-IoT Approach

COGOS is an AI-led logistics platform solving challenges in the intra-city trucking supply chain. The platform aims to digitise operations for truckers and organises the largely unorganised market through SaaS and accounting tools. Cofounder Prasad Sreeram said strong presence in northeast India has given COGOS the initial momentum.

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Blume Global opens new Asia-Pacific regional office in Hong Kong

The global logistics and digital supply chain solutions company, Blume Global announced the company’s new Asia Pacific regional office in Hong Kong. With its AI-enabled, data-driven digital platform and solutions for real-time visibility, logistics execution, asset management, optimization and financial settlement, Blume Global has more than 25 years of data insights, its globally connected network, and advanced technologies to help enterprises be more agile and responsive, improve service delivery and reduce costs.

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