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Issue #260

21 Mar - 27 Mar 2020


How digitization is transforming global logistics

The digital revolution has brought change to industries of all kinds, and global logistics is no exception. With increased expectations from consumers for faster, more efficient management and transport of goods, logistics companies have turned to technology as a competitive differentiator to exceed service level goals. Whether in the form of connectivity, predictive analytics, faster processing speeds or smarter hardware, virtually every link in the supply chain can digitally connect to the other links at each point in the process.

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Walmart India to empower 50,000 MSMEs to be part of global supply chain

American retail giant, Walmart, has always expressed its commitment towards India through its support to the large Indian MSME community from which it sources not just for its cash & carry and ecommerce (Flipkart) businesses, but also for its global outsourcing arm that supplies to the US, Canada, UK, Mexico, Central America and other developed markets. Its e-commerce arm, Flipkart, itself has over 200,000 MSMEs on its platform.

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Delivery by e-grocers picking up gradually in cities shuttered due to coronavirus lockdown

Since March 23 when lockdowns have been enforced deliveries by e-retailers have been hampered thanks to police action causing inconvenience to customers and physical harm to delivery staff boys who were man-handled. Services of e-grocers remained partially disrupted on Thursday despite efforts by the authorities on Wednesday to facilitate the delivery of essentials. Those companies that had activated partial services late on Wednesday were able to resume services in some more cities.

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Pharma distribution chains trip over hurdles to logistics

Retailing of medicines improved in major metros such as Delhi, Mumbai and Bengaluru on the second day of a 21-day nationwide lockdown to curb the spread of Covid-19. Manufacturers and pharmacists, however, say the situation may worsen as they continue to face hurdles from authorities in making deliveries. There is a problem faced in logistics for transport of shipments from factories to C&F (clearing and forwarding) agents because the staff are either not coming to work or if they do, they are being stopped by the police.

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