WebXpress Research and Development Center

Why R&D in Supply Chain and Logistics

Supply Chain and Logistics are fast becoming key to competitive advantage for companies. Supply chains are facing a slew of challenges such as fuel prices at record highs, increased need to switch to EV or cleaner fuels, continued disruption in supply chains due to geo-political situation, rebalancing of global supply chains to de-risk against concentration.

This has required companies to rethink their supply chains using technology as enabler. With advent of technology such as 5G, IoT, Robotics, AI/ML and Cloud – there is a massive opportunity to improve efficiency in real time.

All of above requires design of new technology solutions, tinkering with technologies, create quick solutions and deploy them on ground to learn and fine tune them.

Why WebXpress is setting up R&D Center

WebXpress has been at forefront of technology since 2005- introducing data center based centralized application software much before Cloud became common. Over the years, WebXpress has deployed solutions in Mobility, GPS devices, Modern databases among others.

With 80 plus customers in 8 plus countries- WebXpress team is always busy deploying solution and adding value to existing stack. Urgent usually takes priority over Important and investment of time and expertise in future solutions reduces.

Thus, WebXpress has set up a separate, dedicated facility just to focus on new generation ideas, technology, concepts and solutions- WebXpress R&D Center

What will R&D Center do

WebXpress R&D center will lead our effort to incorporate new technology and apply to customers’ problems. This team is a combination of technology and domain experts with 10+ years of experience in logistics industry.

R&D center will specifically focus on Sustainable Logistics, 5G driven solutions, Logistics Parks Automation among others.

Our R&D will be customer oriented- with a clear focus on Quick Go To Market, iterative and collaborative learning. Thus, there will be a constant exchange of ideas between Customer Success Teams, Operating Tech team and R&D Team.