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We salute our customers for their sheer drive to operate in a challenging industry and serve the nation. WebXpress is a but a small cog in the success story of our customers and we are proud to contribute.


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Future Supply Chain Solutions

FSC is India's first fully integrated end-to-end supply chain company with annual revenues of over Rs 5,500 million. They provide Contract, Express, and Temperature-Controlled Logistics services. Their current most successful venture is in distribution centres, of which they offer 0.37 million sq. ft. of storage space and a sorting capacity of about 2,000 cases per hour.


  • FSC has three distinct businesses, i.e. Express, Distribution, and Cold-chain, each having distinct operating locations and teams. Visibility was paramount to the management.
  • Equally problematic was the lack of order tracking visibility and control over DEPS.


  • With a combination of fleet and 3PL specific modules, WebXpress lets FSC manage their businesses as practically distinct entities. WebXpress even connects with a 3rd party WMS used by the company to share data and create a seamless workflow. The best part is, since this is all one system, the management can view common reports and dashboards to get unified visibility.
  • To eliminate DEPS, FSC uses an inbuilt scanning mechanism to automate inventory accounting.

DTDC Courier & Cargo Ltd.

DTDC is India's Largest Express Delivery Network, comprising of over 5800 Channel Partners spread across the country and a strength of 22,000 professionals enabling deliveries of 11 million consignments per month across over 10,000 pin-codes in India.


  • As is the practice with multi-country organisations, DTDC uses a common billing and accounting system, in this case, an SAP. They traditionally have had to be careful select local operational systems that can communicate with their global ERP or must duplicate all financial details.
  • Despite stringent procedures and majority employees being sincere, DTDC faced the problem of leakages, since a small percent of individuals regularly skimmed off charges or gave preferential treatment to their associates by editing financial details of dockets post booking.
  • In larger volume locations, such as Delhi, a single office can be a branch as well as a hub for DTDC. This causes a problem – as per standard procedure, goods must be moved from branch to hub by creating a THC, regardless of the fact they are both the same building.


  • WebXpress understands that each customer has unique needs; for some the system is all the technology they need, for others, it is a part of a larger engine. Accordingly, WebXpress has offered DTDC a scheduler to transfer all daily docket income details into their SAP.
  • WebXpress helps segregate the access rights of the operations and finance departments, hence when a branch manager tries to edit details they can only add or subtract the quantity and load details (the systems adjusts the pricing according to the contract). But the manager cannot modify any charges added, that right only lies with the finance manager.
  • WebXpress offers a Branch-to-Hub Utility that generates and closes THCs at the click of a button removing redundancy. A lot of administrative time is saved by this automation.

Total Group (Surat Goods)

Total Group is a leading Indian integrated logistics company with a combined turnover of Rs. 700 crores. Our customer and its subsidiary, Surat Goods has a legacy dating back to 1963 and a network of 150 offices across India today.


  • Managing around 100 branches where 2,000 trucks are placed per day is itself difficult, adding to that is the challenge of reimbursing each vendor.
  • Keeping track of cash dispersed to each branch and in turn to individual vendors made accounting more complex. Also, there were several cases of cash leakages that couldn’t be avoided under their manual process.


  • With PayTrans, a payment sub-system within WebXpress Velocity, Surat Goods got an instant and direct API connection to ICICI and other leading banks, reducing their administrative processes.
  • This in turn let them merge accounting with operations and save them the inconvenience and complexity of using multiple payment portals. More importantly, it they got a hierarchy-based approval mechanism, which was not possible with standard bank systems.
  • WebXpress also provided IOCL integration for fuel cards and fund transfer. By paying their vendors through card recharges, Surat Goods now earns per transaction in terms of cash-backs and discounts.
  • Together, these modules help them flourish in the Indian cashless transformation.

Coldman Logistics

Coldman provides temperature controlled warehousing and logistics services to various industries. They offer end-to-end solutions from source to consumption point. Coldman has an expertise in fulfilling a range of storage needs from -30°C to +30°C across India as well as a dedicated reefer fleet for pan-India and port-centric movement. They specialise in food processing, among others.


  • Coldman is one if the newest entrants to Cold Chain space and growing rapidly. Coldman was keen to adopt an industry proven solution to hit the ground running
  • Coldman is also expanding its warehouse footprint rapidly, thus required a transportation solution that will help it cater to distribution business from warehouses
  • Coldman also wanted to offer end to end tracking to customers along with temperature monitoring and ePOD


  • Coldman thus opted for WebXpress TMS - proven across leaders in Cold chain industry with over 2000 cold chain vehicles under management
  • WebXpress offered entire booking to delivery cycle to Coldman along with integration with web site for easy track & trace
  • WebXpress also offered a detailed customer contract and billing solution integrated with financial accounts to ensure all costs were captured and controlled
  • Coldman has deployed WebXpress across multiple locations and manages over 100 specialized vehicle movements using proven technology

Patanjali Logistics

The supply chain arm of Patanjali Ayurved Limited – India’s fastest growing FMCG giant with a revenue of Rs. 12,000 crores (in 2017-18) – manages the company’s entire movement, delivering 1,000+ products to 300,000 multi-brand and local stores across the country.


  • Since the individual margin on products is less, as is the industry norm, operational frugality is critical. Patanjali required a method to minimise logistics expenses, a major cost factor, considering their volume and reach.
  • The top management was unable to justify the profitability of each truck and unable to see how effective they are in returns.


  • WebXpress Velocity has provided a bidding module to the Patanjali operations team. When a delivery job needs to be executed, the system communicates the same with all their transport partners, who use a WebXpress Android app to enter competing quotations. Once the Patanjali team selects a transporter based on price and SLA, it automatically reflects in the pickup branch. This results in convenience at the best price.
  • WebXpress offers an Own-Fleet Profitability, among many income related reports, letting the company select custom timeframes to study the cost effectiveness of each vehicle.

Scorpion Express

Scorpion is a leading name that caters to the logistics and packaging needs of the pharmaceutical industry. With a turnover of over Rs. 200 crores, they are constantly expanding by building state-of-the-art warehouses and increasing coverage into several tier-2 and tier-3 cities. They were recognised for Best-In-Class Service during the 2018 Cold Chain Strategy Summit.


  • Scorpion was bogged by the amount of time spent to complete industry standard formalities. To save time, they were in search of a balance between process and efficiency.
  • Inter-departmental coordination was a major pain-point. While trying to resolve customer issues, the customer service department spent an enormous time trying to locate the correct person responsible for the bottleneck.
  • Ill-coordination between drivers and branch employees occasionally caused deliveries to the wrong addresses and recipients, resulting in severe losses.
  • Another major concern for LSPs, including Scorpion, is managing large workloads of key customers. These accounts have high service expectations and rely on their LSPs to fulfil their sales cycle efficiently.


  • WebXpress automatically marks the arrival and departure of all vehicles by geo-fencing key locations, shaving time off administrative processes.
  • An add-on WebXpress CRM system made it possible to communicate with stakeholders across India. Today, when a support executive is made aware of a customer issue, the directly raise a ticket on against managers of the relevant branch and department and can directly track the progress they make.
  • Apart from clear demarcation of addresses and indication of delivery type, WebXpress helped Scorpion avoid losses by automatically printing location contact as well as an emergency name and contact on each THC and consolidated E-way Bill.
  • WebXpress offers a KAM dashboard to let specific users within Scorpion manage individual key accounts. They can now track in real-time which shipments related to their customers are held up and take a decision on how to resolve any issues. Also, users can easily send status updates over email to their accounts by a one-click operation.

BVC Logistics

In the last 50 years, BVC Logistics has become a market leader in integrated logistics. They are present in 100 countries and in India, service over 3000 pin codes. They specialise in verticals such as luxury, automotive, chemicals, even oil-&-gas.


  • Most clients of BVC e-commerce have high value goods to be transported. For the company, speed and operational visibility is critical for their business.
  • Also, security is paramount. Unlike standard e-commerce logistics, BVC requires heightened measures of delivery authentication.


  • WebXpress system provides a 99.9% availability and optimal performance along with features like real-time tracking and a robust driver management, which lets them maintain reliability and customer trust.
  • WebXpress system provides a 99.9% availability and optimal performance along with features like real-time tracking and a robust driver management, which lets them maintain reliability and customer trust.

Harsh Transport

Harsh Transport offers customers multi-modal transportation services to over 23 locations across India and with a fleet of over 112 vehicles. Harsh is known for being one of the first to adopt technology in central India.


  • The biggest area of concern for Harsh was how they should plan their load. Specifically, how many market vehicles should they engage and what size should each of them be.
  • Harsh has two major business FTL (using vendor vehicles) and parcel (using owned vehicles). Because of this, the company must maintain different rules and process flows for each.
  • Visibility was also lacking. Customers of the company demanded better and quicker updates, which they had to receive manually.
  • A perfect synchrony between the sales and planning team was missing.


  • The indent placement request module helps Harsh optimise the number of market vehicles they need to engage.
  • WebXpress offers different workflows within the same module to cater to the specific requirements of both parcel and FTL verticals.
  • Harsh now uses a host of BI Dashboards, such as, Delivery TAT, Booking & Sales, and Yield, which gives them a clear understanding of their operations in real-time. But WebXpress helped them take it further by letting the company offer customised load estimation reports to their premium customers, who can go into as much detail as required.
  • The WebXpress Transport mobile app (for booking as well as POD capture) and SFM app (for the sales team to manage prospects) has helped in achieving operational efficiency. A sales manager can now book an order and have it ready for the operations team to schedule.

Trishul Transport (Velji Dosabhai)

Trishul Transport, established in 1982, specialises in container management. They own over 125 trucks and provide door-to-door logistics to the EXIM community in Maharashtra and Gujarat and has received several Maritime and Logistics awards for their excellent record.


  • Trishul needs end-to-end visibility for the complete transportation cycle, since they are liable for the damages and dentation. The shipping line will fine the transporter for any losses.
  • The logistics industry is plagued with delayed payments and mounting outstanding by customers. Traditionally, companies like Trishul are forced to employee a large staff to regularly follow-up on dues.


  • Live GPS integration directly into the process helps the company receive minute-by-minute updates on their operations, giving them the ability to take proactive decisions in case of any problems.
  • To help reduce customer outstanding, Trushul now let’s WebXpress’ Communication and Notification module to trigger scheduled contract-based auto-emails for uncleared amount.

Snowman Logistics

Snowman Logistics is a leading integrated temperature-controlled logistics service provider with over 25 years of experience. They own about 300 trucks and have 33 strategically located Warehouses with an over 100,000 pallet capacity.


  • The sheer scale of operations at Snowman demands for large sums of money to be moved each day, which was happening without much oversight. Since most of the routes are fixed, there were leakages in the form of money being given for extra fuel during such journeys, with little to no digital trail.
  • Similarly, generating so many trip-sheets according to individual customer contracts required a large team and redundant verification.
  • Considering the sensitivity of the goods being transported, Snowman required a way to gain real-time visibility on their condition.


  • With WebXpress, Snowman’s fuel requisition has now become approval-based. To allot money for extra fuel over defined route averages, booking branch employees need to get approval from regional and central branches. This has helped them keep the largest component of operational expenses under control.
  • Also, IOCL integration allows for automatic data syncing of trip expenses during trip closure, resulting in reduced changes of frauds.
  • WebXpress also lets the company generate automated trip-sheet-based billing for dedicated vehicles, separately for fixed (keeping in mind minimum guaranty amount) and variable contracts.
  • GPS integration with multiple vendors helps Snowman receive for live tracking via maps and dashboards, which is critical in temperature-controlled logistics.

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